Stratton Yogis take their Practice off the Mat

Photo credit: Neil Ghandi
Photo & Header photo credit: Neil Ghandi

 If one lesson was learned at this year’s spectacular Wanderlust Festival, it’s that yoga practice isn’t limited to a mat in a workout room. Thousands of yogis traveled to Stratton Mountain for Wanderlust to stretch it out on stand up paddle boards, hammocks, slack lines and mountain trails. Inspired by this growing trend, Stratton Mountain yoga instructors will be taking their teaching practice off the mat and onto SUP boards and to the brand new summit yoga deck for summer 2015 yoga classes.

Stratton yoga instructor Kaitlyn Zwagerman said it can be easy to fall into the trap of approaching postures the same way every time you practice traditional yoga in a studio. However, SUP yoga challenges even the most seasoned yogi  to “check your ego aside and mold each posture bit by bit when you’re on the water.  Adding a stability component forces you to slow down and build from the ground up.”

The result of this unique practice on the water, Zwagerman explains, is a smooth, foundation centered and breath propelled practice that will ultimately help yogis develop a better yoga practice off the board.

“As a teacher, I constantly encourage students to remember that the ‘journey there is the heart of your yoga asana practice.’ Challenging your balance is also a tremendous way to work every little muscle in your body,” she said.


credit neil ghandi2
Photo Credit: Neil Ghandi

*FREE demo day Saturday, July 4 from 11:30-1PM.* Held on the Stratton Pond at the golf course, the class will begin with a 15 minute safety instruction and basic board skills, followed by 60 minutes of yoga instruction. We recommend ages 10+ for this class, as it is on water and requires good balance skills. Dress in clothing you don’t mind getting wet, just in case. Boards are available to rent if you do not have one, but it is based on availability, so be sure to reserve your spot. Classes are held on July 16, 18 & 23 | August 1, 6, 15 & 20. $40 per person includes board. Class fee is $20 per person if you bring your own board. Call 1-800-STRATTON to reserve your spot.

Mountain Top Yoga

Wanderlust 2015 class at summit yoga deck.

Enjoy 90 minutes of yoga at the Stratton Mountain summit on the specially built yoga deck which offers breathtaking views up the spine of the Green Mountains and over the Whites and Adirondack peaks. Great for all ages. Brink a light jacket as it can get chilly at the summit. We recommend covering skin with clothing or sunscreen as the sun is more powerful at the summit. The class fee of $20 includes round trip ride on the gondola. Held every Saturday from 10:30AM-12PM starting July 4 through September 5, 2015$20 per person. Call 1-800-STRATTON to reserve your spot.

Wanderlust 2015 class at summit yoga deck.


Mid-Mountain Hike and Yoga

Photo: Hubert Schriebl | Patio at Mid Mountain.

Spice up your yoga routine with a guided hike to the Mid-Mountain Lodge, followed by  a 60 minute vinyasa yoga class facing the summit of Stratton Mountain, the highest peak in southern Vermont, every Sunday July 5-September 6, from 10AM-12PM. Great for all ages, must be able to complete a short hike. Class fee of $20. Call 1-800-STRATTON to reserve your spot.

Visit to learn more about yoga at Stratton Mountain. For more Vermont activities, be sure to follow our souther Vermont travel guide, Venture Vermont. 

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