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Mid-mountain Warriors

Mix up your practice by taking it out of the traditional yoga studio and up the mountain. Mid-Mountain Hike & Yoga is the perfect way for an active yogi to end a weekend spent in Southern VT. Filling a two hour time slot from 10:00am-12:00pm, participants start off by congregating at First Run Ski Shop in the Village. Here, we not only get a chance to get ourselves organized, but if you arrive early enough, it allows time for a morning cup of coffee, or perhaps purchasing that last minute yoga top you’ve had your eye on all weekend.

As a group, we start off by walking through the main base, ultimately arriving at the bottom of the locally famous trail leading straight up Lower Standard.The stroll to the base of the trail is always exciting, as it passes right by the ever changing Base Lodge renovation project.

The hike from the base of the mountain to the Mid-Mountain Lodge takes about 20-30 minutes, and can be reached a variety of different ways. Depending on the consensus of the group, we could either make it steep and quick, or more gradual and leisurely.

stratton hike yoga
Not your average yoga studio.

So often, yogis who are newer to the practice find themselves a bit intimidated walking into a studio of brand new faces. The 30 minutes that the group spends together walking before class actually allows for everyone to create a bond and some camaraderie before we make our way to our mats. While the walk to mid-mountain may serve as a time to break the ice and socialize for some, others find peace and serenity during a more meditative hike. Depending on the day, one may find that their entire walk to the final destination was filled with only the sound of their breath, the wind in the trees, birds chirping overhead, and the quiet buzz of the gondola spinning through the air.

Upon arriving to the beautiful back deck of the Mid-Mountain Lodge, you’ll find one of the most stunning views in the area – a direct look at Stratton’s summit and the tallest peak in southern Vermont. The green of the trees and the grass, paired with the deep blue of the sky is one of the most breathtaking sights one could ask to see. After taking a few moments to settle in, drink water and get comfy on our mats, practice begins. The style of yoga offered during this class is a strong power flow that complements the hike that prefaced it. Best of all, each class comes with a long, juicy savasana, which allows yogis to quiet their mind and relax among the sounds of the wind and the birds with the sunlight streaming down on their faces.

Post yoga, participants are given the option to continue hiking to the summit, or take their pick on a trail headed back to the base. This is also an opportunity to stay with the group, or end your experience in a more personal way.

stratton hiking
Hike at your own pace to mid-mountain!

What to Pack & What to Wear

It is suggested that participants bring their yoga mat, a comfortable way to carry it (yes, you do hike with your mat up to Mid-Mountain), a water bottle, bug repellent, and sunscreen. Don’t have a yoga mat? No problem! There are mats available borrow at First Run Ski Shop (where check-in occurs), but they are first come first serve. Mats are also available to be purchased in the Village. The most common ways of mat transport are via yoga bag or strap.

An outfit that provides comfort and support during a hike as well as a yoga practice is ideal. Seeing that class occurs during the start of the heat of the day, a tank top and light yoga capris or shorts are encouraged. Since we are hiking to and from our destination, comfortable shoes are required.

Any and all ages are welcomed to Hike & Yoga, except all participants must be able to complete a 25-30 minute hike (up
and down the mountain), as well as a 60 minute yoga practice.

The intention of this Hike & Yoga class is to allow participants to join two activities that are quickly becoming favorite past-times here at Stratton. The act of hiking gets our blood pumping, while yoga allows us to calm our minds, stretch our bodies, and focus on living in the here and now. The cherry on top of this two-tiered cake, is that we get to both of these wonderful activities in the most beautiful of settings – right here at Stratton Mountain Resort.

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About the Author & Yoga Teacher
hike yogaKristin Powers
After falling in love with yoga approximately 8 years ago, Kristin used the passions cultivated on her mat combined with several miraculous twists of fate to pursue her 200-hr teacher training with Meg Allen at Pure Warrior Yoga School (PWYS). Now a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) through PWYS and Yoga Alliance, Kristin finds pure joy in serving her students on an individual and unique level. She strives towards guiding her students through a practice that will allow them to see beyond just the physical practice or mental clutter, to a place centered in presence. With a focus on joining pranayama (breath) and movement, Kristin sees yoga as a path towards self-discovery and self-love. With each practice, she hopes to continue to work towards creating a space that allows students to discover their own path towards finding their own specific balance, physically, mentally and spiritually.