Opening Day Prep

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”
– Alexander Bell

With another epic winter about to begin, I’ve made sure being prepared is my number one priority. When I arrive opening day, I’ll be sitting first chair with a fresh tune and proper attire. It’s been a great Vermont summer, as always, but I’m built for the cold and so excited to be on snow! Below, is my personal list of opening day prep.

Stratton Powder Day

Layer up | There’s nothing like a good layering system to get you warm and keep you sweat-free so you don’t freeze on the chairlift rides. Retail stores in the Stratton Village are fully stocked with the latest gear, including new socks to keep you warm!

Play it safe | Beginners and advanced mountain skiers alike should make sure their bindings release properly and all gear is calibrated to fit you! First Run Ski Shop can help you with any adjustments you may have to make.

Fuel your runs | Make your first runs, strong runs. Grab some protein to kickstart your day of snow play. Stop by Table 43.1 from 6-10am for their Continental Buffet. If your looking for a quick bite to eat so you can be on time for first chair, check our The Market at the Main Base Lodge from 7-10am.

Wax and sharpen board (or skis) | First Run Ski shop, located within the Stratton Village, is available for ski tune-ups. For snowboard equipment or knowledge, hit up Burton at Stratton, also located in the Stratton Village.

Get season pass | Lucky for me, I’ve got my pass for the season but if you’re still shopping, consider one of Stratton’s many pass offerings.

Plan your stay | Stratton offers many enticing events and plenty of exciting evenings after you’re done hitting the slopes. Find an event  you’d like to check out during your visit.

Watch ski and boarding films | There’s nothing like on-mountain footage paired with upbeat music to get you excited for freshies. Check out Stratton’s Snow Report Playlist from last season.

Ready, set, Snow! | We’re doing our snow dance everyday! Are you? Don’t forget to update your music playlist if you enjoy some fresh tunes along with your fresh powder!

Share your opening day prep list with us as we prepare for winter 2015-’16.

About the Authors:

courtneybioCourtney DiFiore | Three years ago, Courtney was on a mission to find herself; instead, she found Vermont. As she navigates her way through the ups, downs and moguls of life Courtney enjoys spending it standing sideways. Growing up in a family of skiers, two planks were the first mode of transportation for this outdoor enthusiast. Along the way, she discovered snowboarding and never looked back. Her scattered thoughts make for interesting posts. If she ever goes missing, make sure to check the tennis courts first!

Monica-Profile-pic250x250Monica Ciruelos | Born in Madrid, Spain and raised in Holland mountains weren’t always easily accessible. Once settled in Massachusetts, Monica found herself chasing the fresh powder in those generous winter storms, up north every chance she could get. Realizing it was where she wanted to be, she recently moved up to Vermont to tap into Stratton’s winter wonderland. Living in a state forest and working at a ski resort, Monica is making her dreams come true. When she’s not skiing, she practices yoga and loves going mountaineering year-round.

4 thoughts on “Opening Day Prep

  1. I completely agree! Like people say “Lack of preparation is the preparation for failure” . Good tips! For the old-school mointain lovers and for me, a newbie! And talking about ski tune-ups, what about CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING ???!! That´s a major goal for me and I think your tips plus this ones I´ll be ok!

    So, yeah, THANK YOUMonica!!!!

    Now, I´m off to watch some ski videos !

  2. Think realistically about the weather and location. A little research ahead of time could save you time and money. “Just in case” can mean a lot of extra gear you won’t use.

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