Powder Day Feelings

December 19, 2015 | Cassie Russo 

Christmas may be a week away, but this morning certainly had me dashing down the stairs in my pajamas as though Santa paid a visit last night. The morning started like any other, with my alarm nudging me awake before the sun woke from its slumber. I opened my eyes with hesitation, but as I rolled over and peeked out my window at the snowy oasis, I sat up so fast my head started to spin. I instantly grabbed my phone and pulled up the Stratton snow report, wondering if I was still dreaming.

Nope, not dreaming. Powder day. I ripped off the blankets so fast they fell on the floor inches from my bed. Getting ready in a record 10 minutes, I didn’t give my car a chance to warm up before I was on the road to the mountain. I don’t think a smile left my face for the entire 20, felt like 45, minute ride to Stratton. In that moment, I truly understood the saying, “like a kid in a candy store.”

Rushing to the gondola, the smile still beaming, I was reminded why we love this sport so much.There’s no denying we’ve had a challenging start to winter here on the East Coast. Over the past few days, it’s been hard to stay positive, to dispel negative thoughts about hating Mother Nature and wondering what we did to deserve such a challenging start to the season. However, faith was restored today during the hoot-and-hollering, leg-burning powder runs.

Our snowmakers will continue to work their magic, producing top-notch terrain for us to ski and snowboard leading into the New Year. So, we ask all of you reading this to put a spoon under your pillow, sleep with your pajamas inside-out, do your wackiest snow dance – whatever works to invite the snow to keep falling.

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