Ski & Snowboard Hacks

During the winter months, if you’re anything like those at Stratton, you’re outside every chance you get. From downhill to Nordic, snowshoe to hiking we do it all. Over the years, we’ve picked up a few tricks that make our adventurous lives easier. Check out some of our hacks and share your own in the comments below.

ski boots1. Pack Smarter

For a little extra wiggle room in your suitcase, pack small items like your goggles, gloves or hat in your ski/snowboard boots. This will help secure and protect your goggles before hitting the hill. Save on luggage costs by utilizing your ski/board bag for clothes.

tea bags2. Tea Time

Are you one of the many skiers or riders who come home, pull off their boots after a hard day of skiing or riding and EW! What’s that smell?! Place a tea bag in each boot to prevent the reeking scent. Caution: DO NOT reuse the tea bag for your hot morning beverage. One more thing: blisters be gone! Apply a hot tea bag to that freshly forming blister to keep it from getting worse and painful.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR7937.3. Be Prepared

Pack your pockets with necessities like duct tape, a portable screwdriver, and an extra shoelace. Duct tape comes in handy when patching up small rips due to falls or snagged branches in the woods. A loose binding screw can cause big problems if not addressed. Using your handy dandy screwdriver, you can tighten it up on the mountain, saving yourself from a possible injury. By the 100th day don’t be surprised if your snow pants are starting to fall down. That extra shoelace can act as a belt!

4. Save your $$HSP2016_1446.jpg

Play hooky and ski/ride on a weekday for the best prices. Think ahead and buy your lift tickets in advance! Inside scoop: offers lift tickets from $39.

HSP2016_1827-2250px5. Never Miss A Beat

Don’t let the cold temps stop you from listening to music or texting with your crew. It’s simple…get a hand or toe warmer for the pocket you keep your electronics in. It’ll keep it warm, charged and ready for action!

Now share some of your ski and snowboard hacks with us!

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Victoria Rezny 
| Victoria has been in love with the outdoors ever since she received an ATV at the age of 7. As she studied film/TV production while working as a waitress, Victoria always seemed to find a way to chase the next big storm. In the winter months, you’ll catch her on the slopes scoring fresh pow with a GoPro in hand!

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