5 GoPro Photos that will Inspire a Vermont Vacation

As you make summer vacation plans, consider the Green Mountains of Vermont. Not because of our famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, maple syrup, breathtaking views and farm-to-table lifestyle, but because…

You want to bathe in natural springs, waterfalls and lakes.

Hamilton Falls, Jamaica, Vermont
Hamilton Falls | GoPro Hero4 Session

You want to pick your line, experiencing an entirely unique and personal venture.

Stratton Mountain Powder Day Selfie
Stratton Mountain Resort | GoPro Hero4

The driving force pushing you to travel is adventure.

Paragliding at Stratton Mountain Resort
Stratton Mountain Resort | GoPro Hero4

Dogs aren’t dogs in Vermont, they’re four-legged humans.

Stratton Snowmaking Pond | GoPro Hero4

Our Green Mountains turn into a symphony of fiery reds, orange and yellow hues, making every season special.

Stratton Mountain Resort at Fall Foliage
Stratton Mountain Resort | GoPro Hero3

Have we inspired you yet? Don’t forget to pack your GoPro this vacation and tag us in your Stratton, Vermont pictures. We love seeing our home through your eyes.

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watering hole meCourtney DiFiore |
Three years ago, Courtney was on a mission to find herself; instead, she found Vermont. As she navigates her way through the ups, downs and moguls of life Courtney enjoys spending it standing sideways. Growing up in a family of skiers, two planks were the first mode of transportation for this outdoor enthusiast. Along the way, she discovered snowboarding and never looked back. Her scattered thoughts make for interesting posts. If she ever goes missing, make sure to check the tennis courts first!
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