The Inside Scoop on Stratton’s Ski and Ride Camps

As the 2016-2017 winter season approached and I was unpacking my snowboard gear, the same thought that crosses my mind each winter loomed – I should really learn how to ski.  Having been an avid snowboarder for the last 14 years, I’ve had a blast carving turns and learning new tricks.  Loving the mountains as much as I do, I would hate to ever be in a position where I had to ski, and couldn’t.  I like being challenged, and seeing that January started off 2017 as learn to ski and ride month, I made it my goal that this was the year I would finally learn to ski.

dscf6828It has been a long-time goal, and Stratton’s learn to ski programs made it very easy to dive into the skiing community and get started from square one. Stratton offers many different programs and opportunities to get started and helps build your skills on the mountain alongside industry professionals.  So I dove head first into the Women on Snow program, a multi-day women’s camp focused on developing skills, building confidence and joining a community of like-minded women.  I will admit, I was quite nervous for my first day on skis, but the instructors and other women on the group were so helpful and supportive of my desire to learn that it took the stress away from my experience and I was really able to enjoy the process.

I started my day learning how to put my skis on in the beginner area. I soon graduated from the Cub Carpet to the Villager and Tamarack lifts – not without a few spills, mind you.  And by the end of day two with the women’s camp, I was headed up American Express all on my own!  My instructors were amazing and excited to introduce me to the world of skiing.  They explained how the design and shape of a ski, although similar to a snowboard, interacts with the snow surface differently.  Throughout the camp we discussed how balance, pressure, edging and rotation are some of the core elements that help you control your skis and navigate the mountain.  Although the balance point was totally different than on a snowboard, the feeling of moving over a snow surface was familiar and served as a point of comparison as I started to develop my skills on skis.


Stratton offers many different learning packages for beginners and experts alike. The task of acquiring the equipment necessary to enter the winter sports world can sometimes act as a prohibiting factor for those looking to get their feet wet in a new activity.  By purchasing a three-day lesson and a Strattitude, Value, Summit or Spirit pass for the following year, skiers and riders receive a season lease on equipment from First Run Ski Shop, helping to bridge this gap and facilitate a shorter learning curve.

Looking to develop your skiing and riding skills? The third women’s camp takes place March 10-12, 2017. Reserve your spot now at for the Women on snoW and  Burton Girls Time Out camps.

About The Author:

portrait1Libby Dalziel | With the mountains calling and her passion for adventure, the perfect storm swept Libby off to Vermont, and she hasn’t looked back. After earning her degree in Economics and Communication from Denison University, the New Jersey native made her way back east where she now calls Stratton home.  Libby has always strived to live her life outside, and as an avid snowboarder, road cyclist, hiker, swimmer, and photographer you will never find her sitting still.