A Day In The Life of a Stratton Snow Reporter

What’s going on Stratton Mountain! My name is Ricky Buhr and I am one of your Snow Reporters for this season. You may have seen me in some of the snow reports on social media. Even though I’m originally from Long Island, I’ve been a season pass holder at Stratton since I was 9 years old.

After finishing up school at Syracuse University, I headed out west to Aspen Colorado for 2 years. While I was in Aspen, I got to work for a local television station called Aspen 82, while coaching the Aspen High School Lacrosse Team. Living in Aspen was nothing short of spectacular, as I was fortunate enough to work and create video content with people like Shaun White, Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), and Robert Wagner.

Filming with Silent Bob aka Kevin Smith!

There was always something missing out there in Aspen though. There was a void in my life; when I woke up one morning and asked myself “Do I see myself in Aspen in 5 years?” Close friends came and went, as they either moved back home or moved on from living the so called “Ski Bum” life. Restaurants were constantly being shutting down, replaced by newer restaurants that have just caught an early glimpse of their fate.

My mother always told me that “Home is where you make it”.  Home to me feels like the theme song from the hit TV showCheers…Where Everybody Knows your name.  After 2 ½ years of nothing but great memories of the Rocky Mountains, I felt I was ready to come home. I was ready to get back to The Green Mountain State and to get back to my family and friends. Home was made right here on Stratton Mountain, and it took me two years of soul searching in Colorado to realize how much Stratton Mountain was a part of me.

I took this job as the Snow Reporter for Stratton Mountain this season, because I wanted to capture those little moments that defines the family friendly reputation that Stratton possesses. There’s more to Stratton Mountain than just another resort, or a weekend getaway. There’s a whole community behind the magic of Stratton, and Stratton’s beauty is a reflection of the people who call this mountain their home.