Crystal Clear

Between downward dogs and countless chaturangas, I wandered into a tent of crystals.

As a jack of all trades and master of none, I’ve always been up for a challenge and my first Wanderlust provided all that and more. I left the weekend feeling tired yet renewed and determined to continue my practice beyond both the festival and the yoga mat.

I’d noticed there were always people surrounding Kellie Kulton and her crystals, displayed in  one of the courtyard vendor tents. A self-described hugger of trees and science loving skeptic, she’s been exploring healing since a teenager. After suffering through her first panic attack in an airport, she didn’t want to turn to medication and instead focused on the study and use of crystals, stones and oils.


On her table, Kellie had a series of crystal sets lined up with a distinct themes like forest, beach and a traditional chakra set. As a Manhattanresident, she uses crystals as her solution to escape the the concrete jungle. Typically, to send herself to the forest, she places the earth element stones on her chakras, puts her handmade essential oil blend into a diffuser, closes her eyes and listens to a track of forest noises.

“You have this multi sensory experience,” Kellie says. “The smell, the essential oils have chemicals in them to ward off pests, it’s known to decrease blood pressure and increase white blood cell count and that’s a scientific fact. The sound, and the energy of the earth stones and that combination gives you, it’s not exactly like going for a hike but it’s as close as you can come in the city.”

By the third day, she had already sold out of the beach and forest kits.

As a crystal newbie, Kellie suggested a clear quartz point, one of the most versatile crystals you can set an intention and no adverse reactions. She notes however, that if you’re drawn to any particular stone, one should follow your gut and there’s usually a reason for that.

While I was holding a one of these stones, I thought about the places I’ve called home; Cape Cod, the White Mountains and now the Greens. All places relatively untouched and a true connection to the natural world. For those who venture to Stratton for Wanderlust, it’s a chance for them to escape the daily hustle and walk on grass rather than concrete, hear more birdsongs than taxi horns. Kellie’s stones and crystals are a way to transport the holder back to woods and the memories of their time at Stratton.

Everyday I get to look up the mountain, see the daily and seasonal changes. There’s no mountain coaster, adventure course or the braap of ATVs. Stratton is an escape and a place to truly get out there and explore nature. If you’re looking for a place to simply soak up the sunshine, Stratton is home.