Who’s ready to ski and ride?

By Courtney DiFiore As if there isn’t enough awesome activities happening on Stratton this weekend, this morning there was a Be. Ready Free Workshop held at the Ski and Snowboard School building. Sure we love the winter for skiing and riding but come opening day, a lot of us aren’t in the best condition to really shred the mountain how we imagine. I picture myself taking … Continue reading Who’s ready to ski and ride?

Balance 101

by Myra Foster Those  first “Back to School” ads always  hit me like a high-dive into the icy Dorset quarry. A jolting reminder of that bittersweet balance between memories and possibility. Excitement and  nostalgia. It’s been years since Labor Day signaled both the end of a lovely languid summer vacation and the promise of shiny shoes,  monogrammed backpack and new notebooks ready to be filled … Continue reading Balance 101

Golf, Yoga or both?

By Myra Foster Nancy McMahon stopped me this morning to say she had just played her best round of golf. Ever. “I should take yoga before every game.” We had been in a yoga flow class together at The Living Room on Tuesday. She packed up her mat and was off to meet friends for a little lunch at Tenderloins and their 1:47 tee time. … Continue reading Golf, Yoga or both?

Riding High

By Courtney DiFiore July has become cycling month here at Stratton and it makes a lot of sense with all the bike racing that happens this month, not only in Southern Vermont, but around the world. In honor of this theme, I’ve compiled a few benefits to cycling. 1. It’s easy on the body. Cycling puts very little impact on joints making it an easy … Continue reading Riding High

Is your safety first…or second?

By Courtney DiFiore The sun sits high in the sky all by its lonesome filling the air with a dry heat. Beads of sweat drip down my neck. I reach for my canteen only to be disappointed by its light weight. Where has all the water gone?! Perched on the top of Stratton Mountain, I moan about my lack of preparation, forgetfulness and my thirst. … Continue reading Is your safety first…or second?