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The Inside Scoop on Stratton’s Ski and Ride Camps

As the 2016-2017 winter season approached and I was unpacking my snowboard gear, the same thought that crosses my mind each winter loomed – I should really learn how to ski.  Having been an avid snowboarder for the last 14 years, I’ve had a blast carving turns and learning new tricks.  Loving the mountains as much as I do, I would hate to ever be … Continue reading The Inside Scoop on Stratton’s Ski and Ride Camps

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The Vermont Open and the Path to the Top

With the Vermont Open coming up on the horizon, we thought what better than to catch up with Steven Hayes himself on how this event got started, and why it’s such a great competition for riders of all ages. As a native Vermonter, Hayes grew up at Stratton. He reminisces about watching Phil and Steve Mahr take the World Cup Podium at Stratton in 1976, … Continue reading The Vermont Open and the Path to the Top

Conquering My Fear: Learning to Ski (again) as an Adult

By: Cassie Russo  They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Who’s “they” anyways? I wouldn’t consider myself old, but this being my 21st season on snow, it’s been a while. My parents put me on skis the moment I mastered walking without wobbling so hard that I fell to the ground. I am told that I was fearless on my skis – bounding down the … Continue reading Conquering My Fear: Learning to Ski (again) as an Adult

Preparing For 2014-15 Winter Season

By Courtney DiFiore Imagine beginning your day with a beautiful sunrise over lush green mountains. As you gaze down into the valley, you bite into a locally grown apple. While stretching, you awe at the symphony of fall colors and plan out the rest of your day. Shall you take a swim in the local watering hole, play a few rounds on the links, rally … Continue reading Preparing For 2014-15 Winter Season

Climber’s Faith

Originally posted on September 2, 2014 by Liz Millikin on her blog Slackcountry Living. Now here is something worth writing about: In all sports, you must learn to trust your body. In skiing, you place your trust in the power of your legs, the pressure of your shins against the front of the boot, the angle of your hips. You trust your body to control … Continue reading Climber’s Faith

Hiking at Stratton

September is hiking month at Stratton Mountain Resort. Cooler temperatures keep the bugs at bay and makes for more comfortable hiking weather as the trees put on a show of colors. It also means it’s time to start getting your ski, snowboard, and snowshoe legs and lungs in shape. Try the 7 Summits Challenge – Beginning September 1 through October 13, 2014. When hiking up … Continue reading Hiking at Stratton

Let’s Ride!

By Adam Wanamaker What is a glade skiing, powder-stash steward to do when the snow melts in southern Vermont? The most obvious answer is to go hiking. Hiking is relaxing. It affords 360o movement on the mountain, an opportunity to explore and discover hidden nooks and crannies typically buried in the winter, a chance to meet some of the diverse wildlife and discover the down-right mesmerizing … Continue reading Let’s Ride!