Is your safety first…or second?

By Courtney DiFiore The sun sits high in the sky all by its lonesome filling the air with a dry heat. Beads of sweat drip down my neck. I reach for my canteen only to be disappointed by its light weight. Where has all the water gone?! Perched on the top of Stratton Mountain, I moan about my lack of preparation, forgetfulness and my thirst. … Continue reading Is your safety first…or second?

Be. A T2 Olympic Hopeful

By Courtney DiFiore High above the clock tower the sky stood still and dark. Scattered across the lawn lie chairs, blankets and towels filled with friends and families alike. Jeff Tuohy playing soft melodies in the back ground, the smell of BBQ and vibrant red and blue attire set the scene for a perfect 4th of July celebration. The fireworks finally took to the sky … Continue reading Be. A T2 Olympic Hopeful

A Vinaigrette that screams “Summer!”

By Myra Foster With four Farmer’s Markets in my path each week, there’s no challenge to meeting my daily quota of vegetables without ever cracking a V8. Ruby lettuce. Baby turnips. Chioggia beets – they look like candy canes and roast up ever so sweet. Fava beans, elusive but so worth the hunt. Toss it all together with Chef Alex Shinn’s Wanderlust vinaigrette, pour a … Continue reading A Vinaigrette that screams “Summer!”

Things to do in Southern Vermont – TimberQuest

By Courtney DiFiore It’s that time, BBQ’s are every other weekend, you’re now living off watermelon and sweet tea, the smell of sunblock is in the air, and the kids are out of school and driving you crazy. Yes, it’s summer and everyone’s looking for something fun to do. Many who spend the summer at Stratton always come asking the same question, “What is there … Continue reading Things to do in Southern Vermont – TimberQuest

Welcome to Wanderlust 2013 – Day 1

By Courtney DiFiore The sun rose on Stratton, illuminating the mountain in all its glory, giving light to thousands of yogis. Greeting the sunrise, yoga enthusiasts, like camels, carry their life on their backs. Armed with water and a yoga mat (or two!), crowds form and a calming, zen energy coats the mountain. This is Wanderlust. Day 1: The morning began with a slew of … Continue reading Welcome to Wanderlust 2013 – Day 1

Spring Walk

It’s mid-spring and Vermont is just starting to turn green. Taking a daily walk is the perfect way to watch spring unfold, and one of the best ways to live a healthier life. Regular brisk walking can help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, strengthen your bones, lift your mood, and … Continue reading Spring Walk