The Fire Tower Restaurant & Tavern

By Lauren Suriani Who doesn’t love a good meal, especially when it’s delicious? Last night the marketing team at Stratton got a chance to try out the new restaurant located in the Stratton Village, The Fire Tower Restaurant & Tavern (formally Organic Pizza Company). If you were around at all this summer, you may have noticed some commotion in the village and a lot of … Continue reading The Fire Tower Restaurant & Tavern

Sunday Dinners at Grandma’s

By Diane Lovell Sunday Dinners at Grandma’s house ranked very high on the family priority list when I was a kid growing up in rural Virginia.  Farm-to-Table was our way of life back then.  My Grandma would fry up a couple of her chickens straight from the coop, bake a batch of her amazingly light yeast rolls, and feed about 20 of her extended family … Continue reading Sunday Dinners at Grandma’s

Full Palette Findings

By Myra Foster. I don’t know about you, but Brussels sprouts have never been among my favorites.  Until today. Caramelized on a  Vermont  Country Grillstone during a demonstration today at The Full Palette,   this formerly suspicious vegetable will be the star of my harvest table. Grilled mushrooms topped with brie,  perfectly charred onion,  salmon,  snowpeas, even tomatoes hold up to grilling thanks to the Martin … Continue reading Full Palette Findings

What’s Cooking for the 2013-14 Season

What’s Cooking for the 2013-14 Season By Myra Foster There’s a new restaurant in town. And I ran into the owner today,  getting his hands dirty. Literally.  Peter Micioni was scrubbing  walls in the old prep kitchen while his team stripped the place bare to redefine a space that will be The Fire Tower Restaurant and Tavern, anchoring the Commons end of Stratton Village in … Continue reading What’s Cooking for the 2013-14 Season

A Vinaigrette that screams “Summer!”

By Myra Foster With four Farmer’s Markets in my path each week, there’s no challenge to meeting my daily quota of vegetables without ever cracking a V8. Ruby lettuce. Baby turnips. Chioggia beets – they look like candy canes and roast up ever so sweet. Fava beans, elusive but so worth the hunt. Toss it all together with Chef Alex Shinn’s Wanderlust vinaigrette, pour a … Continue reading A Vinaigrette that screams “Summer!”

Spring Greens

More and more, healthy eating is in the media. Even fast food restaurants are adding salads, lean choices, low carbohydrates, and calorie counts to their menus, designating healthy choices. Individuals and families are paying attention to their diet, striving to eat balanced, nutritious meals. “Farm-to-table” menus and restaurants are becoming popular. All of this points to a time before processed foods, when people ate what was … Continue reading Spring Greens