A Vinaigrette that screams “Summer!”

By Myra Foster With four Farmer’s Markets in my path each week, there’s no challenge to meeting my daily quota of vegetables without ever cracking a V8. Ruby lettuce. Baby turnips. Chioggia beets – they look like candy canes and roast up ever so sweet. Fava beans, elusive but so worth the hunt. Toss it all together with Chef Alex Shinn’s Wanderlust vinaigrette, pour a … Continue reading A Vinaigrette that screams “Summer!”

Spring Greens

More and more, healthy eating is in the media. Even fast food restaurants are adding salads, lean choices, low carbohydrates, and calorie counts to their menus, designating healthy choices. Individuals and families are paying attention to their diet, striving to eat balanced, nutritious meals. “Farm-to-table” menus and restaurants are becoming popular. All of this points to a time before processed foods, when people ate what was … Continue reading Spring Greens