Our Number One Asset

Stratton has joined Vermont outdoor and snow sports leaders in endorsing Protect Our Winters and encouraging Governor Phil Scott and the legislature to be leaders in creating policies to combat climate change. We are proud of our decades-long focus on sustainability with initiatives that have earned the resort national and state recognition, including three Vermont Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence.

Also part of the National Ski Areas Association Climate Challenge, Stratton has expanded the recycling program, installed occupancy sensors, performed various lighting retrofits, worked on reducing wood burning volume while sourcing wood locally. Stratton has committed to the EPA WasteWise Program, and is a member of Vermont Green Hotels.

The resort earned the first of its four Silver Eagle awards, created by the publishers of SKI and Skiing Magazines, in the 1990s for wildlife habitat protection. A $100,000 Stratton grant launched the six-year radio telemetry study of black bears and their response to changing land use with research put into action in many ways throughout the state and beyond. Combined with a multi-year study of the rare Bicknell’s thrush, findings led to conservation easements that will keep more than 1,200 acres of prime habitat, including bear travel corridors and white-tail deer wintering grounds, forever wild.

Stratton was recognized with the first of three Vermont Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence in 2000, and was the first corporation ever to earn a Vermont Landowner Appreciation Award. “Stratton rose to the top for making a forthright and long-term commitment to wildlife,” according to the 2003 announcement.

Since the 1980s, Stratton has been cited for leadership in areas as diverse as golf course pesticide/fertilizer management planning, water conservation, clean-air snowmaking compressors and the master planning process that involved extensive technical analysis and spawned comprehensive environmental protection and enhancement programs throughout the resort.

Here, Environment and Safety Manager Jeffrey Cavagnino shows you why the environment is “our number one asset.”