Vermont Golf Lessons

Vermont Golf Lessons

Looking to lower your score on the course? Or learn the difference between a sand wedge and a sandwich? Enrolling in private golf lessons will help to fine-tune your golf game, and provide you with the foundation of fundamentals to take your clubs to the next level.

The Stratton Golf Course is home to 27 holes of golf, a practice range, golf pro shop, restaurant and bar. With all these amenities, we can’t forget to mention the excellent golf pros and groundskeeping staff. They all work to keep the course finely tuned and in championship-level playing shape for lessons and daily play.

Stratton offers two different types of golf lessons. Private Golf Lessons and Playing Lessons are both available on select days of the week. Which lesson is right for you? Read the descriptions below to find out.

Stratton Mountain Golf Lessons

Private Golf Lessons

Private golf lessons can be structured in a variety of ways. Available Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, private lessons are easy to fit into your schedule. These lessons are held at the Warm-Up Facility at the golf course. This is a medium-sized driving range, where players can get one-on-one instruction to aid their swing, grip, foot position and more. Private lessons are great for new players, or golfers that are looking to fine-tune a specific shot or club. Dial in your 4-hybrid or get some extra height on your pitching wedge with professional instruction in a relaxing setting.

Private Lessons may also take place on the practice putting green to help with the golfer’s short game. Here you’ll learn how to read the break, control your ball speed and get advice on a putting grip that may take your short game to the next level.

Spending time one-on-one with our Golf Professionals will take strokes off your scorecard right in front of your eyes. Private Lessons are available in 30 minute or one-hour increments. For a slightly lower price, you may join a semi-private golf lesson, 2 golfers, or add a guest to your lesson to work on your game with your favorite playing buddy.

For more information, visit our Golf Lessons page to view the best golf lessons in Vermont.

Golf Lessons in Vermont

Playing Lessons

Playing Lessons are structured for players with some golf course experience, who want to work on the full game of golf. Fof those interested in everything from the tee box to the putting green, the Playing Lesson is for you. Play nine holes on the course over this two-hour private lesson. Playing the course with one of Stratton’s golf pros is like having a personal caddy on the PGA Tour. Your golf pro will help with club suggestions on the course, shot types that work best for your ability and insightful tips about how to play each hole at the Stratton Golf Course. Be ready to learn more information about the game, strategies and the Stratton Golf Course than you even knew existed.

When you book your playing lesson, you may add up to two guests to get the full experience for you and your regular playing buddies. Each member of your group will benefit from professional instructions and being coached through live playing situations on the course. Don’t fret when you land in the deep rough or a bunker. There’s a club, a strategy, and a golf pro for that. They’ll help coach you through the lowest 9-hole score you’ve ever penciled in during your playing career on the course.

Playing lessons must be booked through the Pro Shop by calling 802.297.4000 and pressing 4 to be directed to Golf Pro Shop.

Stratton Pro Shop and Green Apron Restaurant

Stratton Pro Shop

When you need to add a new item to your golf bag, or don’t yet have a bag, swing through the Stratton Pro Shop. Here you’ll find the best deals and a great selection of golf merchandise, apparel and more. Add a custom Stratton Golf towel to your game, pick up a sleeve of high distance golf balls, or keep yourself looking good on the greens with a Stratton embroidered hat or polo. Whatever your needs are, you’re going to want to look and feel as good as your playing after a golf lesson at this classic Vermont course.

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