Stratton Bike Park: Mountain Bike Lessons and Rentals

Group Lessons

If you’re new to downhill mountain biking and interested in a fun, outdoor and high-intensity weekend activity, Group Mountain Bike Lessons are a great option. Pick up your rental at the Junior Mountain School, head outside to link up with one of our experienced Mountain Bike Instructors and have a great day on the trails learning how to safely operate a downhill bike with your group. Meet new friends and take up a new hobby at southern Vermont’s highest peak.


  • Bike setup and operation
  • Rider body positions and movements
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Jumping
  • And More…

Private Lessons

Whether you are brand new to downhill biking or looking to work on a specific facet of the sport, Private Lessons allow for an intimate learning experience between you and one of our top Stratton Bike Park instructors. Guests who are new to the sport, though maybe are more inclined to continue mountain biking after their weekend might find Private Mountain Bike Lessons better suited for them. You will have your instructor’s undivided attention for the duration of your lesson making for a great opportunity to work on specific problems you’re having or techniques you’d like to home in on.

Bike Rentals

We understand that mountain biking comes with some big financial investments, which is exactly why we offer Daily Bike and Gear Rentals for guests who are interested in trying before buying. Our rental bike fleet is built out with a variety of high-quality, durable bikes (Trek Slash, Trek Fuel, Kona Process and Scott Roxter) for guests of all ages and skill levels. Aside from bikes, we also rent all of the safety equipment one could need to stay unscathed while turning through the trails here at Stratton.

More Rental Details:

  • Mountain Bike rental includes helmet, elbow and knee pads
  • Separate Bike Park ticket is also required and can be purchased during rental checkout.
  • Optional bike damage waiver available
  • Mountain Bike Rental can be picked up at the Junior Sports School in the Base Area.

Published by Harley Smith on 5/17/2023