Labor Day Weekend At Stratton: 5 Beers And Ciders To Try At Blues, Brews, and BBQ

Each year we look forward to putting on our Blues, Brews, and BBQ event that takes place Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. Nothing says summer like live tunes, cold beer, and tasty BBQ – we’ve got you covered on all three. Below are 5 beers and ciders that we think you should sample during the weekend festivities.

1. Fiddlehead’s “Second Fiddle”

VT Classic, Second Fiddle is a tasty Double IPA that’s been extensively dry-hopped for a crisp, tropical taste that you can’t get enough of and will leave you wanting more. Coming in at a 4.26/5 of Untapped, this one is a heavy hitter and deserves all of the high praise.

2. von Trapp’s “Oktoberfest”

It wouldn’t be a legitimate brew event without one of these. von Trapp’s “Oktoberfest” is a bona fide Märzen for all of you traditional beer lovers, offering Caramel and toffee notes that are balanced by the subtle hop additions in this beer. Prost!

3. Citizen Cider’s “Bakers Dozen”

Whether you are gluten-free or just enjoy a tasty cider, Citizen churns out quality liquids for all. This cider donut inspired drink is spiced with vanilla and cinnamon mimicking the breakfast of champions. As for dryness, this one is off-dry and fruit forward.

4. Bent Water’s “Sluice Juice”

Calling all haze-fanatics! Sluice Juice is the prime example of a well-rounded New England aka Hazy IPA. Brewed with large doses of Galaxy, Motueka, Waimea, Simcoe, and Citra hops, this one is a tropical delight with dank aromatics of orange, tangerine and lime peel.

5. Zero Gravity’s “Pisolino Italian Pilsner”

If you’ve never had the opportunity to try an Italian Pilsner, Zero Gravity is bringing theirs to Blues, Brews, and BBQ – we highly recommend giving it a try. If you are familiar with this style of suds, you know why we say this. It’s honey malt character is balanced by a perfectly dry and slightly cooling finish just perfect for a summer afternoon.

It was a challenge picking just 5 offerings that will be available on Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, though we feel as if these are all undoubtedly must-trys. For the full list of breweries/brews and to purchase your admission tickets, please visit our Blues, Brews, and BBQ event page! Hope to see you then. Cheers.

Published by Harley Smith on 8/25/2023