The Reason for Rentals

In past years, renting skis was on par with skiing in jeans– if you wanted to look the part of a skier, you didn’t do it. With upgrades to ski technology, rental gear is no longer your beat up, throw away gear, and is the ideal option for newcomers to the sport or seasoned skiers. Here are the reasons we’re all for renting:

Condition Control

Powder day? Grab some fat skis. Hard pack groomers? Pick up a pair of skis perfect for carving. With rentals, you’re able to get the gear that’s right for the conditions that day and your skiing ability. Even if you own your own gear, rolling up to a groomer day with 110 cm. underfoot sticks isn’t going to be ideal.

Save that Money

As gear junkies ourselves, we’ll admit, we spend a lot of our hard earned dollars on gear. After all, who doesn’t love a good quiver? A great part about rentals is that at $60-$80 a day (for adults) you can try the latest equipment and a variety of styles before you buy. And it definitely pays (puns) to know what you like before dropping $700+ on a full set up.

Stamp of Approval

We all fall victim to letting the condition of our gear go south, sometimes you just can’t get your skis to the shop in time for a coming storm or day off. If you don’t have the tools to do a tune on your own, rentals come freshly tuned, daily.

Boredom Buster

Current sport not doing it for you? Switch your skis for a snowboard visa versa.

Convinced yet? Stratton’s rental fleet has the latest tech from Rossignol, offers free overnight storage and 1,000 pairs of brand new boots. For a seamless shop to ski transition, be sure to book online to have the equipment ready and waiting. If you’re looking for a discount, be sure to book the lift and rental package online at