Employee Community: Director of Skier and Rider Services Offers Valuable Insight for Future Stratton Employees

Becoming a Stratton employee can be a life-changing experience and doing so is as attainable as you want to make it. Free season pass? Yup. Discounted dining and retail? No doubt. Memories that will literally last a lifetime? We guarantee it. If you still are having some doubts, we totally get it. Making that move to a new place is a big deal and can feel scary at times but remember, everyone here has done it. Devon Cavagnino, our Director of Skier and Rider Services, took the leap to Stratton 16 years ago and she loves it all the same today. We sat down with Devon to learn more about her Stratton employee experience. Enjoy!

What is your position at Stratton?

I am the Director of Skier and Rider Services.

What does your position involve?

I oversee the Snow School, Child Care, Guest Services, Scenic Lift Rides, and Mountain Biking.

What brought you to Stratton?

I think you’ll hear this from a lot of people in the industry; I just wanted to be a ski bum for a year. I graduated college and was familiar with the area because I had grown up skiing at Bromley. I chose to explore Stratton because I knew it was a bigger resort and I had a better opportunity to meet more people.

How long have you been at Stratton?

It’s been 16 years.

What did you start out doing at Stratton?

I started out as a lift operator for my first season where I helped run Villager with some awesome work travel employees who I still keep in touch with today. After that season, I moved over to the snow school where I began snowboard instructing. After instructing for about two or three seasons, I was able to move into a supervisor position and the year after that I became the Junior School Manager.

What was your favorite part about Stratton when you moved here, and what is your favorite part about Stratton now 16 years later?

What I loved most when I moved here remains the same today: the community. It’s nice when you see familiar faces in the off-season knowing that you’re bound to see those same people in the winter-time. The consistent Stratton employee base allows you to get to know people, create new relationships, and in turn work in different departments gaining valuable experience. The community has changed a little bit, but the vibe is the same.

What do you like most about your position?

I like the ‘operations’ piece, and what I mean by that is I like that everyday is a little bit different and that I have to always stay moving, acclimating, flexible, and on my toes. I also love that I often have an opportunity to hike or get a run in during my lunch break. Having access to the mountain is a huge plus, for all employees and positions.

What is your favorite employee perk?

We offer employees a set amount of $25 friends and family lift vouchers which are awesome because it gives you an opportunity to get a sibling or a close friend out on the hill for a reasonable price. Though as a new golfer, my employee golf pass is also pretty high on that list.

What do you like most about the surrounding area?

I love living in Vermont. I love that there are no stop lights on my drive in to work, just two stop signs and that’s it. I also love that the local community is always really friendly and welcoming.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Activities! I like to hike, trail run, mountain bike, snowboard, and I do a bit of skiing as well.

Trees, parks, or groomers? Why?

Trees all the way. I like the quiet and I also like the adventure, but there has to be enough snow to get me in there.

What’s your favorite glade? Why?

I would have to say West Pilot, because I got engaged in there! It’s also just an awesome run from top to bottom.

Photo by Hubert Schreibel

What advice do you have for potential employees looking to make the move to Stratton?

If you are interested, we want to talk with you. If you are looking to work specifically for the snow school as an instructor and have no experience, we’ll get you there and you’ll have plenty of training beforehand. We want to make this a really great experience for you. Even if you’re just thinking about it, put in an application, talk to us, and let us explain to you why working at Stratton is such a great opportunity. You got this!

It was great sitting down with Devon and talking all things Stratton. We hope that after reading, you are more inclined to submit an application and at the very least allow somebody here to talk with you so that you can be informed on why taking the leap and becoming a Stratton employee is the right move for you. We are beyond excited to see some new faces here this winter. See you all very soon.

Whether you’re barely considering or 100% all-in, be sure to take a look at some of our job opportunities for this upcoming winter season and follow us on Instagram for employment updates.

Published by Harley Smith on 11/1/22