BOA Ski Boots Are Now Available At Stratton Village’s First Run Ski Shop

New to the market this season, many ski companies are now implementing the convenient BOA technology into their boots and Stratton village’s First Run Ski Shop is stocked up with a number of variations from top brands like K2 and Salomon. Winter is quickly approaching and these are flying off the shelves – come on up and secure your pair before they’re gone.

For the layman, BOA technology replaces your traditional laces, or in this case buckles, with stainless steel wires, connected to a turning knob. This knob is used to tighten and loosen the heavy-duty BOA wires into place for their famous dialed in, precision fit.

BOA tech is beneficial for a number of reasons, though most notably due to it being an efficient yet reliable alternative to laces or in this case, ski boot buckles. Often times, you will find that your traditional ski boot is quite physically painful to wear, but also involves a painful process when it comes to getting them adjusted to your feet. BOA on the other hand is extremely easy to adjust and in turn, makes for a customizable fit catered just for you.

Another plus to BOA is how easy the technology is to use, and more so how easy it makes getting your ski boots on your feet. Whether you are brand new to the slopes, a weekend warrior, or a seasoned vet, nobody wants to spend any more time than they need to getting geared up. It’s a process as it is getting up to the resort – make your life easier with a pair of BOA Ski Boots.

Published by Harley Smith