Stratton Mountain Trivia: Hiking

That view from the summit of southern Vermont’s tallest peak is worth the hike, whether it starts in Georgia, along the Massachusetts border or at the base of Stratton Mountain, following one of the trails on this hiking map.    

Four states. Four mountain ranges. The Whites, Greens, Adirondacks and Berkshires. How’s that for a change of scenery? On a clear day, you’ll see as far as Mount Washington. It’s the very same panorama that inspired both the Appalachian and Long Trails, which today share a 149.8 mile route from Massachusetts to Willard Gap, crossing Stratton Mountain in its path. 

As a student of forestry working on Stratton Mountain, Benton MacKaye pioneered not only the Appalachian trail but the very concept of preserving land for recreation.  

And James P. Taylor was sitting atop Stratton in 1909 when he envisioned a long trail running up the spine of Vermont.  A year later he began cutting it with 23 members of the newly formed Green Mountain Club which today numbers more than 10,000.

While hiking may be more about the journey than the destination, the glass-walled firetower you’ll discover at the summit is an exception. Climb 61 winding steps, 65 feet in the air, and be rewarded with a truly breathtaking vista.  You will find yourself on top of the world. And you can find yourself there via an easy 1.1 mile loop from the top of the gondola.

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