Red Bull Slide-In Tour 2022

The Red Bull Slide-In Tour 2022

The 4th annual Red Bull Slide-In Tour cruised through Stratton Mountain, Vermont on March 8, 2022. With seven total resort stops on the schedule, fans all over the east coast were ready to witness the throwdown in their local park. Lucky for us at Stratton, as the third stop on the tour, these boarders were all warmed up and ready to slide through Tyroleinne and Big Ben and anything else in their path. This year’s tour roster was comprised of X Games Gold Medalist, Zeb Powell, Tour veterans Jesse Augustinus and Maggie Leon, and the new to the RV but not to the snowboard Brantley Mullins, and LJ Henriquez.

During this 10 day RV trip, these Red Bull riders stormed through the east coast scene tearing up parks one after the other. The sun came out for the day at Stratton, and the poor parks had no idea what was coming for them that morning. Starting with an AM ride along in Tyrolienne to get warmed up, riders loosened their legs, warmed up their tricks, and handed out free park advice and trick tips to all that joined for the day. After the morning Tyro laps and lunch, it was time to throw down and end the day with a hike session in Big Ben. The results? We can confirm that this crew truly knows how to throw down. Check out the full Red Bull Slide-In Tour recap video above, and the Stratton photo gallery below. We’re already looking forward to watching this crew roll through on the next Tour.

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Posted April 7, 2022 by Andrew Kimiecik