8 Tips for Your Vermont Snowmobile Tour

Winter Snow Mobile Tours in Vermont

Headed to the Green Mountains? Grab a throttle full of adventure with a Vermont Snowmobile Tour at Stratton Mountain Resort. Stratton offers 1 hour guided Snowmobile Tours that depart 3 times a night; 4:45pm, 6pm, and 7:15pm. Each tour has room for up to 6 snowmobiles or 12 people if you are riding tandem. All reservations can be made through stratton.com, and as an extra helping hand, we are here to share with you tips and tricks to help begin your adventure. Let’s get started!

1. Snowmobile Tours Meet at Sun Bowl Base Area

Unless you are told otherwise by staff, the Sun Bowl base area is the meeting spot for all tours. Tours may meet in the main base area in the early parts of the season (December and January) so please take time to confirm your check-in location on the Snowmobiles webpage on stratton.com, or your confirmation email on the day of your outing.

2. Passengers Are Allowed

While all drivers must be 18 years old AND have a valid Driver’s License to operate a snowmobile (Learners’ Permits are not accepted) passengers only need to be 10 years of age or older, still allowing for a family fun-filled adventure that we’re all seeking! Each snowmobile is fully equipped to comfortably carry a passenger.

Stratton Mountain Resort Snowmobiles

3. Private Groups Can Be Accommodated

If you are looking to go on a tour with the whole family, no worries! We love to help our guests to give them the best overall experience. Just send an email to events@stratton.com and we will help you set it up!

4. We Ride No Matter The Weather

We send out our tours daily starting December 17 to March 31. As long as the mountain has a sufficient base depth and the conditions are approved for riding, there will be snowmobiling! If for whatever reason the weather creates unsafe riding conditions, you will be notified about the cancellation and provided with a refund or new tour date.

Beginner Vermont Snowmobile Tours

5. Helmets Are Provided

The most important thing for us is the safety of our guests. Upon arrival at the tour meeting point, each guest will be provided with a DOT-certified full-face helmet to wear. Various sizes are available for the best fit for all drivers and passengers. All helmets have eye shields to allow for easy visibility in snowy conditions.

6. Ski Boots Are Not Allowed On Tours

Whether you are operating a snowmobile or riding as a passenger, you need the correct shoes to ride. If you come wearing ski boats the guides will not allow you to ride. This is for the safety of all guests. Winter boots, work boots, and snowboard boots are all permitted on each snowmobile tour.

Things to do for groups in southern Vermont

7. Start Slow Before We Go

Before we begin any tour, each guest will be required to watch a safety video at the time of check-in. We also offer a snowmobile damage protection fee of $30. This provides you with security in case the snowmobile you are operating gets damaged during the tour. All drivers will then learn the controls of each snowmobile, how to operate and drive, and then make a few laps around the main base area before heading up the mountain. No prior snowmobile experience is required to schedule a snowmobile tour! We will teach you how it is done.

Snowmobile Tours in Vermont

8. Have Fun!

Tours are meant to be a fun-filled adventure for everyone to enjoy. Depending on your comfort, our guides will adjust speeds and breaks for you. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or leisure rider, this is your tour, so enjoy it, and get those snaps at the summit for your Instagram!

How to schedule a Vermont snowmobile tour at Stratton:

Head to the website by using this Vermont Snowmobile Tours link

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Once on the Snowmobile Tours page, feel free to scroll through and look over the information. After reading over the information, your next step is to sign-up for a tour!

Locate the booking bar labeled “See Availability”. Next to that is a tab labeled “Date”. Click the date drop-down and select a day of the week or month you are interested in for a tour.

Select a date and a list of times will pop up to show you snowmobile tour availability. Add the time to your cart and begin the payment process. Within the payment process, a couple of items will be available to you. The first is an option to add a passenger and the second is the snowmobile damage protection fee. Both are not mandatory for the tour, but they are available if you are interested.

After everything is booked sit back and get ready to ride. Tours will meet in the Main Base Area unless otherwise notified. Please arrive 15 min before your tour time (check-in times are listed on the Snowmobile Tour webpage) to get fitted for your helmet and watch the safety video.

Time to ride!

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Posted January 22, 2023 by Lindsey Mahler