Fall Foliage Tracker At Stratton Mountain

It’s that time of year. Temps are dropping and leaves are changing. Fall Foliage season at Stratton Mountain is here. Each week we will update this blog with new photos allowing you to keep track of the yearly spectacle. HarvestFest Weekend is your last chance to hit the Gondola for a Scenic Lift Ride where you can get a front row seat to the fall colors. Don’t miss out!

Stratton Mountain Fall Foliage, Week One, 9/16-9/23

The start of foliage season is among us in Southern Vermont. While small trees have began to turn red in the Village, the tops of larger trees on the bottom third of the mountain have also began transitioning into those all so familiar hues of red and yellow. There’s still a lot of green on the scene noting that we are just at the beginning of this scenic transformation which we love to track every Fall. The Stratton Gondola spins Thursday through Sundays from 10am-5pm, to come take in the views for yourself and see the colors of Fall from 3,875 feet above sea level. It’s just the start, exciting colors to come!

Week One, 9/16
Week One, 9/20
Week One, 9/23

Stratton Mountain Fall Foliage, Week Two, 9/24-10/1

Happy Fall! Slowly but surely, the leaves are changing here at Southern Vermont’s highest peak. As you drive up the access road you will notice that shades of green are making their annual transition to shades of yellows, reds, and oranges. The Stratton Gondola spins Thursday through Sunday from 10AM-4:30PM… come on up and get front row seats to this yearly spectacle we all know and love so much

Week Two, 9/26
Week Two, 9/26
Week Two, 9/26
Week Two, 9/26
Week Two, 9/28