An Adventure a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

While his first escapade was a four-year bicycle journey around the world, it’s the joy of “Microadventures,” quick outings that offer “something different, something exciting,” that Alastair Humphrey‘s touts in his book.

“Adventure is everywhere, every day, and it is up to us to find it.”  And so we did.

Mountain View Ranch offers a variety of trail rides, including picnic, sunset and a fast trek for advanced riders.  It was the “Cowboy Up Ride” that got our attention with a chance to trail ride, barrel race and test our skill (or lack-there-of) in traditional gymkhana games. Five of us donned our dungarees and set out for Danby; I was the only one wearing a bandana.

About a half hour from Stratton, Mountain View Ranch lives up to its name. We take a left out of the Village of Danby and climb to a view straight out of some Vermont Life calendar.

venture vermont
Mountain View Ranch is nestled among the green mountains.

John Sisters, who ran the Sun Bowl Ranch at Stratton for years, greets us at the gate and off we go to meet the horses.

venture vermont horses
Our horses patiently waited for our arrival.
We couldn't stop smiling as we trotted along the trails.
All smiles upon our horses – Cherokee (left) and Lady (right).

The operation is first rate, with a string of well-trained, sure-footed horses to suit any level of rider. John asks us a few questions to pair horse and rider before imparting some friendly instruction as we head out through the trees and across fields. Together we trot up hills, soak in the scenery and share the joy of a walk in the woods. On horseback. In the Green Mountains.